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We are all here because we have an addiction to the greatest game ever created.  Like you, we want to be part of an international group of individuals who share this interest.

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To anyone who sees this =CE=Alteran
October 6, 2021
We welcome all of you, members old and new.
Obviously these forums are inactive, however we are still very active on Discord, as that is our current base of operations.

If you want to kick it with some old buddies, I implore you to absolutely check us out on Discord!
Thanks for stopping by.


New Promotion «CE»Addict
May 26, 2021
Over the years =CE=Toxic has been an outstanding member. Blake really has been a major ingredient of the glue that keeps us together over the last 12+ years. The list of his contribrutions is very long and i am very proud to announce that we have a new Fancy Tag.
Thank you «CE»Toxic for everything.

Happy New Year «CE»Addict
December 31, 2020
Happy New Year Everyone! Good riddins 2020.

Looking For Contributors =CE=Toxic
July 19, 2020
I hope that everyone is staying safe during these times!

We are in need of contributors to the new website project. Anyone with project management, coding, testing, database maintenance, systems administration, graphic design, or community management experience is welcomed and encouraged to help out in any way that they can.

If you are interested, please drop by our Discord server and drop a message. The point of contact is =CE=Toxic.


Hey all =CE=Alteran
June 26, 2020
[rainbow:q1zpuvjo]Glad that this community is still online If you are around shout a message in general[/rainbow:q1zpuvjo]

Wednesday, 07. June 2023
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