Index:The Index is the ban number associated with the ban.
Name:The name used at the time of the first ban.
CD Hash:Uniquely identifiable hash that is generated from your CD Key (*)
Ban Count:This is how many times the CD Hash has been banned
Ban End Date:This is the time and date that this hash will be unbanned.
Expressed in server's local time.
Date format is MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM
When you find your ban, click it and copy the information
that appears in the dialoge into your ban appeal.
(*) Your CD Hash cannot be used to gain your CD Key

The banlist could not be fetched, a logfile will be recorded.
The banlist below may be outdated.

!=CE=[MapVote Snipers!]
Index Name
CD Hash
Ban Count
Ban End Date

Wednesday, 29. March 2023
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