1. Teamkilling is prohibited. Excessive teamkilling in any =CE= server will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

2. Aimbots or any third party game-enhancing programs are strictly prohibited. Any individual caught using these programs will be removed from the clan and permanently banned from all =CE= servers. SightJacker programs may be used for bot-catching purposes ONLY.

3. The use of map glitches that give you an unfair advantage over other players is prohibited.

4. Treat all teammates, =CE= members, and clan allies with respect and courtesy.

5. Be a good sport; excessive profanity or player abuse will not be tolerated.

6. Respect other clans' server rules and regulations at all times.

7. Multi-clanning is acceptable; however, =CE= tags should not be mixed with other clan's tags. Members must display correct tags in both the clan Xfire roster and in their Halo username.

8. All =CE= members are strongly encouraged to use the clan forums. All members of rank Lieutenant and above are required to have an active forum account. Forum access is important for full participation in the Combat Experts Clan.

9. Members who will be offline for extended periods of time must notify the clan via a post in the 'Broadcasts' section of the forum or by contacting a clan leader. Members that are inactive without explanation will be demoted to the rank of Private after 30 days, and after 60 days will be removed from the clan.

10. Clan members must follow proper naming and ranking standards. Members must wear their tags when playing in =CE= servers.

11. Clan members must have their profile details open to the public.

12. All members who wish to change their name must do so via a post in the 'Name Change' topic in the 'Broadcasts' section of the forum.

13. A legal copy of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Custom Edition are required for membership, there are no exceptions. This means that you used the CD key obtained on the CD case of a purchased copy, and not a key obtained from the internet. A copy of Halo: Combat Evolved can be bought for a cheap price at auction sites.

14. Members are required to have a valid Xfire account. Teamspeak is also recommended, even if you do not have a microphone, in order to listen to team strategies during scrimmages and other clan matches.

15. Individuals who voluntarily leave =CE= may rejoin a maximum of four times. There are no exceptions. Members who return within a period of 24 hours may be re-instated at their previous rank or lower without filling out another application at the discretion of the clan leaders. Returning members over a period of greater than 24 hours must follow the same application procedure as new recruits.

16. Individuals whom have been kicked from the clan, or asked to leave based on a behavioral problem or whom have been caught cheating must wait 4 months from the date of leave before they may attempt to re-apply.

Tuesday, 28. March 2023
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