Naming Standard

1. Tags of new recruit rank will be -CE-

2. Recruits will become full members once their probationary period is completed. The probationary period begins when you have been notified of clan acceptance by a leader or officer. Recruits must practice all clan rules, have no behavior complaints, and show that they are active.

First time members' probationary period will be 7 days.

Second time members' probationary period will be 14 days.

Third time members' probationary period will be 21 days.

Fourth time members' probationary period will be 1 month.

Joining the clan more than four times is not possible.

3. Returning members have a longer probationary period than new recruits, and will not be returned to their former rank upon assimilation back into the clan unless approved by a clan leader.

4. Tags for ranks Private through Captain will be =CE=

5. Tags of ranks Major and above will be «CE»

6. Xfire roster nickname must match ingame Halo name.

7. Your clan name can only be eleven characters maximum, including tag.

8. You may use alt-codes in your name, but you may not change the =CE= tags.

9. When using alt-codes, create the name in Halo first, and then create it Xfire. Halo will not accept all alt-codes.

Wednesday, 29. March 2023
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