Ranking Standard

Rank Advancements

> New Recruit to Private = Full completion of probationary period <

> Private to Private First Class = 1 Win (Halo = 8+ Players)(TF2 = 10+ Players) <

> Private First Class to Specialist = 3 Wins (Halo = 10+ Players)(TF2 = 14+ Players) <

> Specialist to Sergeant = 5 Wins (Halo = 12+ Players)(TF2 = 18+ Players) <

> Sergeant to Lieutenant = 10 Wins (Halo = 14+ Players)(TF2 = 22+ Players) <

> Lieutenant to any rank above = Determined by the clan leaders <

Rules of Ranking

1) New Recruits may not submit screenshots of wins to rank up until their probationary period has been completed.

2) Data used for ranking comes from server log files, Xfire snapshots, and firsthand fighting with or against «CE»Addict, or any =CE= member ranked Captain and above.

3) No modded Halo maps may be used for ranking. All other non-modded maps and gametypes are allowed.

4) Halo winning screenshots are defined as Postgame Carnage Report screens showing the player coming in first place. Team Fortress 2 winning screenshots are defined as the scoreboard with under 10 seconds left on the clock & the player coming in first, second or third on the winning team.

5) Winning screenshots are to be posted in the "Ranking" sub-forum within the "Broadcasts" forum.

6) Players must display their correct name and =CE= tags for their screenshots to be counted.

7) If you are unable to capture screenshots with Xfire, either download Fraps or use PRINTSCREEN to copy and paste winning screens into an image file. These files must then be uploaded and posted in the "Ranking" forum.

8) It is understood that people quit near the end of a game, so it is OK if a rankup screen is a player short.

9) If your name contains alt-coded characters, it needs to be obvious that the name is yours within your screenshots.

10) Members must wait a week after a promotion in order to be eligible for another promotion.

11) Postgame Carnage Report screens cannot be accepted for ranking up to Lieutenant, since they only show the top 12 players. Instead, take a screenshot of the F1 score screen as the game is ending, right before the Carnage Report.

12) Ranking up to Lieutenant is based on the following criteria:

1) Games Won

2) Flag Captures

3) Kills

4) Assists

5) Being a good sport

The following is not allowed:

1) Asking people to leave the server so that you will get first place in the Postgame Carnage Report.

2) You must work with your team to capture the flag in CTF games. Having teammates do all the work of stealing the flag, only to pass it to you at base for an easy point, is unacceptable.

Wednesday, 29. March 2023
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